My Story

Aquaponics 2.jpg

I build.

I build because I love to create, I love to see my work go on from an idea in my head, to something truly beautiful. I love working with my hands and my head and I love having freedom in the creative process. Whether building a table or building a career, I believe the basic tenets are the same:

  1. Take the idea in your head, stew on it, exchange ideas with others, learn from their experiences and draw from your own.
  2. Gather everything you will need, your tools, training, experiences.
  3. Start assembling everything together, piece by piece, until you are satisfied with the work.
  4. Improve what you can, do the best work you can with the time and resources you are given.
  5. Study your successes and your failures, and learn what you can for the next one.

I built a story about myself through experience, education, an expanding portfolio of projects, skills and interests. My educational foundation in completing degrees in both Marketing and International & Global Studies from the University of Central Florida. My experience built upon that further in working in nonprofit fundraising and public relations, diving into research fellowships on international economics, studying and traveling abroad to broaden my perspectives, leading engineers to build sustainable farms, and most recently, building websites, podcasts and audiences. I continue to build upon my past and constantly reshape my future.

I tell stories.

I present stories in ways that grab attention, incite purpose and command action. I spend time crafting stories designed to entertain and inform. My latest passion project is my podcast-- United States of Apocalypsia, a road trip through the post-apocalyptic wastes of this country ravaged by time and the effects of man-caused climate change. I also am the co-creator and editor of the podcast Drunk Mythology, a series of conversations relating the age old stories of mythology and folklore around the world to modern audiences with the aid of several libations. Check out my videos YouTube and watch me stream on Twitch. I love good stories, whatever the medium may be. I believe that books, movies, photos and especially video games tell the most compelling stories.



I geek out.

I wear the badge of geek with honor. I do my best to let my most passionate and authentic self through in everything that I do. I love geeking out over stories, shows, movies, history and geography, international affairs, and the environment. I am a huge fan of Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and so many other fandoms out there. I love seeing other people geeking out over anything, be it their favorite book or sports team. When we are all free to be our most authentic selves, to freely display our passion and fascination with the world around us, we are our our best selves.

I explore.

I can be found exploring DC, searching for good places to eat, to drink, to learn and to reflect. I push boundaries in my work and in my life. I dream of travel and I dream of freedom. I try new things often, and when they do not stick, I try something else, grateful for the experience that has made me wiser. With so much to do and see, I see nothing wrong in wanting to try as much as one can.

I am a Washingtonian, currently working on several projects shared on this website. Go off and explore for yourself. My podcasts, photography, blog, and building projects are all available for the viewing. Those will all tell a better story of who I am. Thanks for coming and please feel free to contact me so that I can build the next chapter of our stories together.