United States of Apocalypsia

Its a road trip across the United States, not your typical trip, not the country you recognize. Join Virgil Cantrip as he journeys across the cities and towns of Apacolypsia to document stories of survival in this brave new world. Together in his magic school bus, discover what happened to make this world the wild and weird place it has become.


Session One: Post-Modern Atlantis

Venture to a the sunken remains of the crescent city to see a whole new world of floating festivals, great storms, kings and their towers and expeditions to the underwater ruins of New Orleans in search of lost treasures from the old world.


Session Two: The Hunter's Den

He runs the mountain. He oversees the valley. He is the top hunter. You are his newest prey. Seek to solve the mysteries of Overlook Valley and discover how a peaceful valley became his private hunting grounds.


Session Three: Carolina Gypsies

Their parties are legendary.